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9.9 Media and TLSB,  the largest speaker bureau in Europe, run and manage the first speaker bureau in India. India is now an integral part of the global economy, and companies and communities across the world want to understand her role as a partner, customer and competitor. Indian skills and knowledge are in demand, its companies are competing at the highest level, and its consumers ask for global products and services. India now has the opportunity to speak to the world, share its vision of the future, and learn from the world’s leading thinkers.

We source national and international speakers for conferences, corporations and government agencies throughout India, and put Indian speakers on the global stage. Business and motivational speakers, authorities on economy and politics, and subject experts on finance, sales and marketing, customer centricity, supply chains, and innovation are highly popular. Through partners in Europe, Asia and the US, we are able to offer a truly global, high-quality service.

9.9 Media and TLSB combine their local expertise and reach towards building an international highway of talented individuals linking all the major economies of the world. We are committed to promoting unique content that resides in individuals across the globe and making it accessible to audiences irrespective of geographies.

We take pride in our reputation of offering the ‘best fit’ for our speakers as well as client companies.

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Robert Phillips - author of TRUST ME, PR IS DEAD was a top dog in the PR Industry - the  CEO EMEA of Edelman. He quit his job for one reason: He no longer beleived in what he was doing.

It is essential reading for everyone in PR, business or politics. Phillips portrays that PR has run out of options and has missed its moment to lead. It is overwhelmed by the age of data.

Using case studies on real organisations, Phillips is out to answer "if everything is dead, what comes next?"

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Speaker of the Week - DAVID GANN

David Gann is Vice President of Imperial College in London and holds the Chair in Innovation and Technology Management at the Business School.He is responsible for shaping the vision for Imperial College, and the development of its new 25-acre west London campus: Imperial West.

David's main research interest is innovation: exploring why and how innovation happens and the ways it continually transforms the world we live in. His main speaking topics are: Creativity, Smart Cities, Technology and Innovation.

Speaker of the Week - DAVID GANN
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What our clients say

  • (Anil Gupta) was engaging and was an energetic presenter - Clear command of the subject – emerging markets and lots of relevant stories and examples!

  • Comments on Sugata Mitra:

    -Thoroughly enjoyed this speaker who gave a completely different perspective of education.

    -Excellent speaker, warm, funny and inspirational.

  • Linda Yueh delivered an extremely broad and detailed perspective of the current global economic situation, the situation for Asia Pacific and the impact on our industry in a clear, concise and understandable manner, without any ‘economist jargon’ so all could follow.

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