Dr. Armen Papazian Wins the First Alpha Centauri Prize

Dr. Armen Papazian Wins the First Alpha Centauri Prize

Financial Economist Dr. Armen Papazian is the winner of the first Alpha Centauri Prize 2013. In an award ceremony at the Starship Congress, in Dallas, Armen received the “Progenitor Award”, as his presentation “is deemed, by the judges, to have the most potential for impact on the field of interstellar flight”. Armen also received the US$ 500 cash award, which has been sponsored by the US non-profit Icarus Interstellar. The new interstellar design awards, launched this year, is organised by the Institute for Interstellar Studies, and have a financial element to the award, with the aim of incentivizing technical progress in interstellar studies.

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