Sally Gunnell

The most popular and successful female sportswomen of our time
Sally Gunnell

Sally Gunnell holds a place in the hearts of the nation as the most popular female sportswomen of our times, and our most successful. She is the only woman to hold four titles concurrently - Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth-plus the 400m. hurdles world record.

Sally Gunnell has been motivating audiences for a number of organisations speaking at meeting, seminars and conferences. Sally prefers to work closely with clients tailoring her speeches for their individual needs and key messages and uses team work, visualisation and goal setting as platforms to relate her own success.

Sally Gunnell's standard presentation concentrates on her drive for success and how she adapted her training regime and life as a whole to ensure she would achieve her ultimate goal of Olympic Gold; the specific techniques she absorbed to ensure her body was finely tuned at exactly the right moment for the ultimate competition; the inevitable low points and how one can use mental power to overcome failure and use it to your advantage - these are the signs of a true winner. Sally believes winning is 70% mental and 30% physical and offers insight into the strategies she employed to ensure she won and won again. She relates all her experiences to the non-sporting world offering tips to improve everyday performance, and how those experiences shaped her post competitive career and current goals.

Sally's adaptability allows her to tailor her presentation to incorporate specific corporate messages. She has provided dedicated sessions on coaching and working with the team around you, work-life balance and maintaining excellence. She can work closely to a brief bringing her competitive experience into a concise corporate message. Her natural and relaxed demeanour also ensures she is an effective awards host.

Since her retirement from athletics Sally Gunnell has written extensively on health and fitness subjects for the national press and has also produced four books on the subject.